Telekinesis is one of the abilities granted to Alex Mack after being exposed to the GC-161 compound. This ability allows her to levitate, repel or attract anything or anyone to her whim by mere thought. Alex activates this power by focusing her mind and eyes on whatever she wishes to control.

Abilities and usesEdit

Through the power of telekinesis, Alex is able to take possession of items without being near them or in direct contact. This has been used to great effect as she is able to steal items from unsuspecting people without them noticing. She has also used this casually to quickly organize and clean entire rooms within seconds. Later in the series, Alex is able to create invisible walls to block people from moving forward and in one instance, was able to telekinetically spin a human being around and send them into a closet, indicated by a rippling effect. The downside to this power is that Alex's eyes and mind must be focused on the target. If it leaves her line of vision or her focus is interrupted, then the effect wears off.


  • Telekinesis is the first ability Alex explicitly shows to someone other than Annie and Ray.