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Morphing is one of Alex Mack's powers after having been doused in the GC-161 chemical spill. The ability allows her to reduce her form into a liquid state which almost immediately collapses into an animated puddle that she can freely move about. Initially, the form was used to allow her to hide from danger but over the course of the series, evolved over time. The power is activated when Alex focuses on the thought of water.

Abilities and usesEdit

When morphed into a liquid, Alex is able to squeeze through the tightest spaces and possesses increased speed and commonly used this to also travel through pipes, quickly moving from faraway places in a hurry. Her senses are also greatly heightened. While she retains her conscience, sensations and ability to speak, her speech is slightly gurgled, as if put through a water filter. Stepping on her causes pain while stirring her causes a tickling sensation.

During the course of Season 1, her form was more akin to a clear gelatin-like state and a few times, passed off as water due to her appearance such as a glass of water or a fish tank. From season 2 onward, her appearance changed into a more silvery, liquid metal form with a reflective surface (in one instance, she passed herself off as a mirror). During season 3, it was discovered that she could morph/absorb both inanimate objects and other people into her form, changing them into the same liquid mass. This became extremely useful when she needed to save people from a predicament they couldn't otherwise escape. In another episode, she can channel electricity through an appliance socket and shock anyone on her puddle. The only downside to morphing is that it apparently exhausts her, forcing her to reform when she needs to rest.


  • The episode World Without Alex is the only time a morphing sequence is not used.
  • Annie initially theorized that morphing with other people could be dangerous and could lead to the possibility of her and others not reforming. Though Alex has so far been able to avoid this, several of Danielle Atron's test-subjects have not been as fortunate (as seen in Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained).
  • Though only seen in a dream sequence, the episode Nightmare in Paradise Valley shows that she can morph her form into a spiked cage like construct, which hints at Alex possibly having a greater degree of shapeshifting than she usually shows (though she never tries anything like this for real).
  • Whenever angered in this form, her mass gains a red hue and starts to ripple, referencing the phrase of "boiling mad".


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Alex's first morphed form