First appearence

The Accident (October 8th, 1994)

Portrayed by

Jessica Alba

Jessica is a student of Danielle Atron Junior High and the first of Alex Mack's school rivals. The two first meet in The Accident when Alex, distracted by the sight of a cute boy, is knocked over by Jessica as she is playing basketball. As Jessica taunts Alex for being so clumsy, she notices her Troll lunchbox and heckles Alex over it.

Jessica makes a second appearence in Hoop War, where she and a friend challenge Alex and Ray to a basketball game in order to settle a dispute, and once more in School Dance, where Jessica and Alex compete for the affection of their shared love interest, Scott Greene. She makes no further appearences afterwards.

Her absence is explained in the Season 2 opener The Journal, in that Jessica moved out of Paradise Valley with her parents