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Alexandra Louise "Alex" Mack is your average teenage girl... with super powers! Alex was born and raised in the Town of Paradise Valley. Her parents are George and Barbara Mack. She has one older sibling, a genius sister named Annie.

Walking home from her first day of 7th Grade at Danielle Atron Junior High School, Alex was involved in an accident with a Paradise Valley Chemical Plant box truck driven by Dave Watt. As Alex ran and dove to the curb to avoid being hit by the plant truck, Dave struck a fire hydrant with his truck, causing a barrel of the top secret chemical GC-161 to fall out of the already open back door of the truck (which Dave accidentally opened by hitting the automatic latch button with his soda cup). The barrel of GC-161 hit the back bumper of the truck, cracking it in half, and spilling the chemical into the spray of the damaged fire hydrant, spraying a mix of water and GC-161 into the air, and drenching Alex head to toe with the mixture.

Alex ran home, hoping to gain the help of her sister. Along with her best friend - Ray Alvarado, and her sister Annie, she quickly discovered that the chemical she was drenched in gave her a complex group of superpowers. The most notable of these powers are the power to move objects telekinetically, shooting electricity from her fingertips (Zappers), and the ability to morph into a puddle of liquid. One negative effect of the chemical is the fact that Alex glows when she gets nervous, and occasionally when she does any physical activity that gets her heart rate going at a fast rate. Annie believes (rightfully), that if Alex were captured by the Plant, they'd torture her, and experiment on her, and Ray fears that, if caught, her "brain will be put in a jar of formaldehyde". As such, the 3 agree to keep the fact that Alex is "the kid" totally secret, even going as far as to agree to never tell their parents.

With these newly acquired powers, Alex now must contend with both the normal drama of the average teenage life, as well as contend with the fact that she now must go on the run from the evil Paradise Valley Chemical Plant, their ruthless leader Danielle Atron, and her henchmen Vince Carter, Dave Watt (who later vows to protect Alex when he discovers she's "the kid"), and Lars Frederickson. Ms. Atron will stop at nothing to capture Alex, and use her as an experiment. Despite Alex's sister's complaints about her reckless public use of the powers, Alex manages to elude the Plant until her high school years. Sometime during her time in Paradise High School, Alex's powers are accidentally discovered by her friend Louis Driscoll, who makes the mistake of talking about it to Ray on a cell phone. The Plant is able to intercept the phone's signal and message. After doing so, Lars and Ms. Atron send a security detail to capture Alex. Her family, save for Annie (who was out of state, attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) were also captured. Ms. Atron's intention at that point was to market GC-161 as a miracle weight loss drug, pocket the billions in profits as quickly as possible, and flee the country to a tropical banana republic, far from the jurisdiction United States Government. Ray, Hunter Reeves (Alex's boyfriend), and Louis go to work trying to get Alex out. Ray and Hunter (who's father was murdered by Ms. Atron) go to storm the plant, while Louis tries to do what he does best - run his mouth, hoping that people would realize Alex and her family are in trouble, and come to their aid. Dave Watt, who also had recently discovered Alex was "the kid", had reported the danger she was in to Gino Lawless, a former Plant security guard, who now works for the Federal Food & Drug Administration. While Gino initially doesn't believe Dave, he eventually gathers enough intel to prove Dave's accusations right, and orders a sting on the plant.

During Gino's sting on the plant, Ray manages to free Alex from the hyperbaric tube she's imprisoned in. Ray, Alex, her parents, and Hunter all escape before the explosion, and Ms. Atron is arrested by Gino (thereby ending her attempt to flee the country with her fortune she earned from the attempted initial sale of GC-161). In the end, Alex's father, George, offers her an antidote for the chemical (something he'd been working on after discovering exactly how powerful the chemical actually is). Whether or not she took the antidote is left to the viewer's imagination.


Alex has blonde hair. She’s a tomboy, dresses more like the boys her age than the girls, and is known to have a large collection of hats that she regularly wears.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Electricity Generation: Alex can shoot electricity from her fingers.
  • Telekinesis: Alex can move objects with her mind.
  • Morphing: Alex can adjust her molecular structure to change herself into a human puddle. While morphing, she and her passengers are completely conscious the whole time and their senses are described as being on an extraordinary level.[1]


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